Sponsors and Partners

Eagles Robotics Xperience is nothing without the gracious and constant support of its numerous industry partners. The support of our sponsors is integral to our success, and we pride ourselves on building strong relations with sponsors - not just check slips.


The partnership between ERX and NASA dates back to the founding days of ERX. NASA was the first-ever sponsor of ERX, achieved through applying for a grant for FRC Team 3992. Three years since, NASA has remained a faithful and essential part of ERX's continued success. Every year, NASA provides ERX with an FRC grant to allow FRC Team 3992 to continue to compete. Initially, ERX received a Regional Challenge Grant for the South Florida Regional - since then, we've received a Second-Year grant, and, this year, a Program Growth grant. Our transition to receiving program growth grants from NASA stresses importance on the success of the ERX program and the countless outreach efforts that are expanding STEM both within our team and the neighboring community.

NASA sponsors over 300 FRC teams nationwide, and is a devout supporter of FIRST Robotics at all levels. ERX could not be happier to be one of these NASA sponsored teams, and is hoping to continue the relationship for years to come. 


Motorola Solutions joined the ERX family of supporters in early 2012 through a grant for FRC Team 3992. This grant was acquired thanks to Dave McClintock, father of team member David McClintock and Staff Mechanical Engineer at Motorola Solutions. Without the support of the Motorola Solutions Foundation, ERX would have not had funding to compete in FRC for both the 2013 and 2014 seasons - Motorola provided essential funds to be used for parts, tools, and other robot fabrication purchases. ERX is one of approximately six proud teams in South Florida to receive funding from the Motorola Solutions Foundation in the FRC 2014 season, and we hope to keep it that way.

This season alone, the foundation has provided over $550,000 to over 900 FIRST teams at all levels to support continued competitive robotics. Since 1989, the foundation has contributed more than $15 million in support of FIRST Robotics.



ERX's partnership with FPL is young yet extremely strong. FPL became a sponsor in the 2013-2014 school year with grants to FTC Team 5257, FTC Team 6568, and FRC Team 3992 - sponsoring every level of ERX programs. Not only that, FPL has gone above and beyond and supported ERX's extensive outreach efforts. As a strategic partner of STEM HQ, FPL provided two scholarships for at-risk students to be able to participate in our inaugural TechGarage Summer Camp, and is poised to be an integral part of the development of the TechGarage in the near future.

Our relationship with FPL is one of our strongest - we've attended the FPL robotics showcase which we were invited to, and we were fortunate enough to have Maureen Wilt, FPL's Education Program Manager, by our side when FTC Team 5257 took the world title. 

Our partnership with FPL is young and strong, but only bound to get stronger as the years go by.


Rockwell Collins has been a sponsor since ERX's inception. In our very first plunge into FIRST Robotics, we were offered a grant for our FTC Team (5257) from Rockwell Collins. Since then, we have been blessed to receive a Rockwell Collins grant for FTC Team 5257 every year, as well as for our second FTC Team (6568) two years in a row. 

Rockwell Collins is the most prominent sponsor of the FIRST Tech Challenge and that is evident not only by its grants towards our teams, but also through its sponsoring of events (such as the Super Regionals and World Championship) and its deep interest in the teams it sponsors, as seen by the numerous Rockwell Collins management personnel touring the pits and greeting FTC teams (including ours).

Looking towards the future, we hope to continue this longstanding partnership with Rockwell Collins through our FTC teams, and hope to be able to garner their support towards both TechGarage and the FTC teams that we aim to start within the Robotics League.


Tesla Motors is one of ERX's newest and most exciting partners. As a leader in worldwide technological innovation, Tesla stands as a beacon for the kind of aspiring engineers found within FIRST Robotics. 

Rather than provide ERX with simple funding or a grant, Tesla has allowed ERX to use special Tesla gift bags, "Take a Tesla Home for a Day" and an offer of a 25 person VIP tour of the Tesla Factory as opportunities to fundraise as well as extend the Tesla name. 

We aim to make strategic use of these resources - not only for raising funds, but also for enlightening others about the revolutionary advances being undertaken by Tesla Motors in the development of electric automobiles, advanced batteries, and more. 

We hope that, over time, Tesla will be interested in sponsoring even more FIRST Robotics Teams - but for now we are proud to be their sponsored team.



ERX was lucky enough to attain the sponsorship of Palm Beach Endodontics through team member Zachary Bradshaw.

Palm Beach Endodontics has been a sponsor of ERX since 2012 and has even been able to provide ERX with GoPro's to be able to film Robot POV footage for distribution.


ERX established a partnership with Northern Landscape through team member and 2014/15 Chairman Cross Knight.

Northern Landscape helps ERX in countless ways that are invaluable to ERX and which we would be lost without - from general annual grants, to providing large transportation trailers for competitions and producing high end vinyl banners, Northern Landscape has been with ERX every step of the way.


ZYCI CNC and Machining (based in Atlanta, GA) is a company that ERX had the pleasure of finding during the course of the 2013/2014 FTC season. 

ERX required a certain part to be machined that, without which, we would have been unable to stay competitive at the world championship level (as it was a core component of the robot). After contacting ZYCI about the part we needed and our standing as a robotics team, Mitch Free contacted the team saying ZYCI would be happy to produce the parts at no profit (we need only pay for materials/labor).

Without this part, we would have had trouble staying competitive and are very thankful for their support - we hope to continue the partnership into the next year as CNC machining opens many avenues for ways to build our robot.