• FIRST Robotics Competition

    High-End Competitive Robotics

    FRC Team 3992 is a three-year team founded by Eagles Robotics Xperience in 2011.

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  • FIRST Tech Challenge

    2014 World Champions!

    Eagles Robotics Xperience is home to FTC Team 5257, an award-winning team holding over 14 titles, including the 2014 World Championship Title!

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    The Outreach Arm of ERX

    STEM HQ, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit started by ERX to facilitate as the community outreach operations arm of the team. 

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  • Robotics League

    Just like Baseball

    The Palm Beach Robotics League is a community based model for robotics started by ERX via STEM HQ that pools resources and expertise to allow anyone to engage in competitive robotics.

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  • TechGarage Summer Camp

    A new kind of summer camp.

    The inaugural 2014 TechGarage Summer Camp introduced a new, and wildly successful model of introducing youth to STEM.

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Tune in on Saturday, September 12th, after kickoff to watch ERX members spend 30 hours non-stop building a world-class robot for this years FTC challenge.

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